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Terms of Service
Scheduling a shoot
please contact me by phone (774.922.3104) no less than 24 hours before the time you would like to
do the shoot.  A home shoot usually take 1 - 2 hours depending on the size of the property.
Exceptionally large homes can take longer.
During the shoot
The homeowner or agent should be present at the shoot to grant entry into the home and also to
discuss special considerations as to what should be included and excluded in shots.  The number
of photos taken is usually proportional to the size of the home and can vary.  These will include:
(front and back exterior) (living room) (dining room) (family room) (kitchen)
(master/guest bedrooms) (master/guest bathrooms)
Half bathrooms, utility rooms, and garages will not be photographed unless
specific instruction is given to do so.
Cancellation and return trip policy
If you have reason to cancel or reschedule, please notify me within 24 hours.
If a return trip to the property is needed for any reason, a flat fee of $75 will apply
regardless of location or distance.  to avoid this fee altogether, make sure the home is properly
prepared for photos, otherwise the home will be photographed as-is, as I do not provide any
home-preparation services.
After the photos are shot, they will be edited and optimized for the highest quality.
Delivery is by Google Drive where the agent has full access to view and download the images.
Payment can be conducted immediately after the shoot or directly from the digital invoice.
Note:  The finished images will be available in Google Drive only after payment has been received.
Next day turn around is always guaranteed.  Same day turn around will apply a fee of $20.
Photo rights and usage
All photographs produced for the client may be used by that agent for all marketing associated with the
current sale of the property in accordance with local MLS rules.  All photos are copyrighted by the
photographer with license granted only to the agent and NOT to any third party.  Any usage of the
photos by a third party including but not limited to architects, builders, stagers, sellers or
buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by the photographer.
If you have questions about the terms of service, please contact me directly at the number listed above or
email me directly:
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