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Preparing a home for photos

The key to professional real estate photos is preparation.  Please refer to the tips below

on how to successfully prepare your listing to sell.


  • Make sure lawns are mowed and raked

  • Remove any and/or excessive yard decorations

  • Put away garden hoses, sprinklers, yard tools or snow removal equipment

  • Remove children's toys and lawn care equipment such as lawnmowers, trimmers, etc.

  • Make sure all windows and doors are closed

  • Park vehicles where they will not show up in shots

  • Remove trash and recycling bins from view


  • The interior should be cleaned and staged by the homeowner or hired services as best as possible prior to being photographed as I do not provide any cleaning, moving or staging services

  • Remove excessive decorations, family photos, newspapers, magazines.  De-clutter as best as possible

  • If possible, replace all light bulbs with daylight balanced bulbs.  (5000K as printed on the bulb)

  • Turn off fans, TVs and computers.  Hide unnecessary cords and wires

  • Tidy all bedrooms by making beds and put away clothes in drawers and closets.  De-personalize

  • Ensure bathrooms are clean, free of hygiene items, air fresheners and other non-essential items

  • Remove appliances and other clutter from kitchen counter.  Remove magnets from refrigerator

Note:  Replacing light bulbs may not be necessary since I prefer to shoot with natural window light in most situations.

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